The Elusive Salford Fun Machine

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all, one size fits all, keep your eye on the ball, readers and writers, lovers and fighters, witches, wizards, necromancers, tiny dancers, mages and sages of all different ages, magicians, musicians, old timers, new additions, hopeless fools and daddy cools, optimists and the cynical, animal vegetable or mineral, feast your eyes, see for yourselves, roll up roll up, come on down and step right up, jump right in, listen up through the din, stand up, sit down, take a seat, take a bow, because there is no time for stalling when the curtain is calling, the show is about to begin ...

We play gigs, festivals, pubs, private parties, and other types of shows and are always open to suggestions ...

Rob "ThingumaBob" Shoard - bass and lead vocals
Jack "The General" Jennings - electric ukulele and backing vocals
Andy "Carson Del Saxo" Carson - tenor sax and backing vocals
Colin "Maxwell Watts" Crichton - alto sax and backing vocals
Willy "The Majestic" Shaw - drums
Neil "Greeny" Green - percussion

Last Chance Saloon [The Sessions of March 2017]

Left Right Dip Slide