Weaving Balkan, Roma, Klezmer and Swing into an unabashed frenetic vibe!

With its line up of 7 barmy, brassy, stomping, dancing musicians The Rubber Duck Orchestra will make the floor bounce and walls sweat as they weave Balkan, Roma, Klezmer and Swing into an unabashed frenetic vibe! Resounding with admiration for Eastern European styles and vitality they will fill your ears with Balkan Stomp madness with their performances of original music, Roma favourites and the haunting echoes of Armenian and Macedonian Folk melodies. The name dates back to their birth on a Barge on a Mancunian Canal four years ago and since then they have entertained festival goers at WOMAD, Boomtown Fair Festival, The Invisible Circus and Hot Club de Swing and even furthered their street cred with a collaboration with Beatboxer Jason Singh for The Rubber Duck Beatbox Orchestra. 2016 is an exciting time for this explosive band as they launch their new EP 'The Eternal Chase Begins!'.

Frenetic! Frolicsome! Fun times!

Gigs at Boomtown Fair Festival, Acoustic Festival of Britain, A Carefully Planned Festival #2, The Invisible Circus, Birmingham's Hot Club de Swing, local events, pub gigs and fundraisers have showcased our energy and theatrical excitement and not least our affinity with any crowd and any stage!

So far, no show has been the same, and crowds fail to go home un-stirred! So, it seems fitting to state: Bring on the next lot and don't spare on your fancy dress, 'cos we won't!

Hannah McCabe - Clarinet
Eve Harrison - Trumpet
Lis Murphy - Fiddle and Vocals
Sam Thursfield - Trombone
Stephen Lewyckyj - Accordion
Matt Gorrie - Bass
Ben Clarke - Percussion

Balkanic Glaze!


Crna Macka