Ten Foot Wizard play turbo-blues party-doom, blending the sounds of classic bands such as Black Sabbath and ZZ Top with more contemporary bands such as Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age and The Misfits. Initially formed in Manchester, England in 2009, Ten Foot Wizard has gone through several personnel changes and now comprises Gary Harkin (vocals/guitar), Adam Henry (guitar), Jonny Banyard (drums), and Emlyn Spiers (bass). The band started with the intention of making stoner rock, but have been gradually expanding it's musical palette to incorporate elements of punk, blues, funk and psych into the mix of rock, doom and metal.

Live appearances were rare up until recently as the band was essentially a side project to the main bands (Bisonhammer and Wolfcrusher), now the band has a stable line up and are playing live regularly. Every member has years of experience from playing in bands, allowing the new incarnation to gel very quickly and waste no time in becoming a powerful live beast. In a short period of time they've garnered a reputation for putting on an incendiary live show, and have had the pleasure of playing with much respected bands such as Karma To Burn, Witch Mountain, Alunah, Trippy Wicked and Desert Storm. The band's performance on the Jagermeister stage at the 2014 Bloodstock festival was a huge success, with them pulling the biggest crowd of the weekend at that stage. Their recent appearance at Desertfest London 2015 was also a huge success with many being turned away as the venue was over capacity. 

Their debut album ‘Return to the Infinite' was released on May 5th 2003 and was an instant favourite for many, helping to spread the name of the band far and wide. The band's sophomore album ‘Sleeping Volcanoes' was released on May 18th 2015

Adam - Guitar

Gary - Vocals/Guitar

Jonny - Drums

Emlyn - Bass

Through This World

Up and Away

King Shit of Fuck Mountain