Enigmatic Blues Man

Music to me, amongst other things, has become somewhat of an addiction. I find it faster this way. Musical development and expression take a firmer foothold in the fields of tune. The longer i swim in her longing and waters, the more vibrant the memories of this taste become.

there is but just one song,
I am aware of this as often as i forget I'm breathing.
if i could map the experience for you I'd never need play another note.
the eyes roll back and my head rocks off a hinge. i see light flame as i sing of darkness, mushroom clouds as i sing of love.
If it is true that i have sacrificed truth and content, to appeal to the generous and overwhelming natures of live performance.
Then i wonder if a photo from a mountain is like a song from a stage, or a song of a lover is a picture of that rage .

As a photographer and video artist, i aim to create the same, internal, sense of creative fluidity as i do with song. I intend to show you a male gaze that doesnt hurt the ego of youth culture or self impression. i want to study musicality, musicians, expression, and power. it seems to me important though my horizons have always burned. ive never not smelled smoke. though in all the waters that churn of war, we'll document the meek, the drones, the spirit and the score.

Rik Warren


Ain't No Shame