Hip Hop, Jazz, Free Improvisation, Groove

Noah's Ark is a Northern based improvisation group, exploring the realms of collective inspiration. Everything you hear has been conceived in the moment, which adds to the excitement of the bands live shows. Expect to hear more from Noah's Ark later in 2015!

As a special collaboration for these sessions we put alongside them none other than T-Man.

T-Man first started to make a name for this safe as part of Manchester Grime and hip-hop crew "Meeting Martin", making his name in workshops working under the wings of the likes of Fallacy, Virus Syndicate and Chimpo as a hardworker with a real commitment to honing his craft.
He was spotted by the Hit&Run and team, and quickly added hosting to his arsenal, learning frighteningly quickly - only helped by the fact that week in week out his was sharing the mic with some of the best in business, in the form of Strategy, Chunky and Tonn Piper. However it was Dub Phizix and Skeptical that saw his talent as recording artist, using him to spit fire on the follow up single to "Marka" - "Run It Like President" came out on Samurai music, with sick artwork from the one and only DRS. By now his was part of the fabric of Manchester's increasingly prestigious MCing and clubbing community, hosting for all manner of nights such as P13 who he just travlled to NYC with, and was invited to be part of the Estate Recordings mob as well as the LEVELZ Collective. It's his voice that rings out first on their debut track "LVL 07", and is the only MC of the 8 that had 2 verses on the track. As well as working with Mancunian Maestros like those mentioned, Leadbelly and The Mouse Outfit, he has also brought his unmistakeable gravelly baritone deliver with Thelem, Foreign Concept and Gremlinz.

Here T-Man found himself in a circle of improvisation created by Noah's Ark and the results speak for themselves!

Thomas Dibb - Guitar/MD

Mark Lewis - Engineer/Producer

Alan Keary -Bass/Violin/Electronics/Vocals

Liviu Gheorghe - Keyboards

Liam Morson - Keyboards

John Hirst - Drums/Percussion

Craig Hanson - Drums/Percussion

John Pope - Bass


Jam 1

Jam 6

Jam 1

Jam 3

Jam 69

Jam 4