folksy, classical influenced, mind music

Originally trained as a classical guitarist, an interest in songwriting lead me to spent six years as a singer/guitarist/songwriter with genre-bending-goodtime-world-music-jamborie, Whiskycats. After we dibanded in Feb 2010 I returned to my classical guitar roots whilst melding a Chet Bakeresque singing style with early 70's British folk. This resulted in a limited edition acoustic album - 'The Man With the Anvil Hat' - which was regarded by the MEN as "standout manc music debut of 2010". The music from this album has been given a proper studio recording with legendary Manchester producer Jim Spencer (Charlatans, New Order, Whiskycats). Check it out !

Matthew Whitaker - Acoustic Guitar and vocals
Pete Turner - Double Bass
Sam Draper - Drums
Anton Hunter - Electric Guitar

You Can Only Let Us Down

Mind How You Go