Soul Groove

I'm a Manchester based singer and songwriter and I've been active for 15 years now. Started out with 'chronic Mammal', a kind of hybrid, soft-Metal/reggae/90's pop band, it was great fun. Then I was lucky enough to be a part of Manchester collective 'Mind On Fire', as 1/7th of the collectives band. The band was a Mish-Mash of many styles of music, all filtered through the Essence of Dub. Since then, I've been lucky enough to work with our Latin funk and soul band 'Bugalu foundation' and also with 'The Bluntskins', one of Manchester's many excellent hip-hop crews. Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with some fine musicians, so I'm hoping to continue to grow and try to make great and resonant music with as many of them as possible. I'm also available for sessions, bahmitvahs, divorce parties, acid-dinner jazz events and birthday raves.

Martin Connor - Lead Vocals
Hayley Williams & Joanne Bridle - Backing Vocals
Paul Farr - Guitar
Liam Morson - Keys
Morgan Pugh - Bass
Rick Weedon - Drums
Sam Bell - Percussion

The Man Who Sold His Life

Yes It's True