Multi instrumentalist. Live loop artist. Kora Player. Musician.

John Haycock is a multi instrumental live looping artist passionate about affecting acoustic sounds with electronics exploring new sonority.

John takes his home made kora (21 string African Harp) And runs it through a series of electronic devices creating lush sound scapes and solid beats and overlays it with woodwind instruments, bridging the gap between ancient West African Folk melodies and modern electronica, visiting influences from hip-hop to house to dub along the way.

John has been studying kora closely under the master Gambian griot Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh for several years having also spent time In West African absorbing the culture.

Since embarking on the journey John has appeared around the world in varying manifestations including but not limited to : Manchester Jazz Festival, Aufgetischt st Gallen (swiss), Fee estival (France) Dig the city urban gardening festival, Kendal calling, Harlequinn Fayre and many other events.

"His playing of the Kora is masterful and he adds an orchestral element, bringing out all that is beautiful about the instrument." - silent radio

John Haycock
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