Blues Stoner Rock

In early 2014 guitarist, songwriter and lead singer Arjun Bhishma decided to put together a band of his favourite musicians in Manchester to bring some bluesy rock back to the city. He called on guitar virtuoso Liam Henry first of all, with whom he'd been a staunch drinking buddy for a few years already. Next to receive the phone call was Mr. Charly T. A hugely talented and widely known guitarist on the Manchester scene for many years. Together, Arjun's pounding riffs, Liam's melancholic melodies and Charly's bluesy wailing make for a tripod of guitars that work in a way that has seldom been seen. Add to that the brutal bass lines of James 'Deggy' Degnen and the intricate yet firm hands of the man behind the drums, Jordan Pryce, and you get a band that play music for people that want to hear old school rock 'n' roll with the gain turned up. These guys are made for anyone who likes to go to a gig, jump around, dance, sing and generally party like an ape. Having said that, they also have an acoustic side to them which brings in elements of country, southern rock and soaring harmonies. They know how to turn it up as well as bring a subtle touch to their repertoire. They have been garnering radio airplay on various stations including TeamRock, Real Radio XS and BBC radio, as well as having the backing of musicians such as Pete Jobson and John Bramwell from 'I Am Kloot'. With a rapidly growing following in the UK and abroad these guys are ones to watch, and if you're able to, get yourself to a live show. You will not regret it.

Arjun Bhishma - lead vox , Guitar
Liam Henry - guitar - backing vox
James Degnen - bass
Charly T. - Guitar backing vox
Jordan Pryce - drums
Sarah-Jane Pearson - backing vox
Rosey Thermal - backing vox

Crazy Girl

Last Hymn

Morning Sun