Anything and Anything

Galivantes started as an DIY promotions co-op between friends Rachele & Craig. After a while of putting on gypsy ska punk bands and electroswing DJs they missed performing themselves. As both their bands were based outside Manchester they decided to start a new band. The main aim was to have fun and adventures. Hence the unicorn. Along the way they collected more friends, charmed to join them on their musical adventure. Along came Jam on bass, Stringy on drums, Andy Speak on Accordion, Dave on Trombone and Abbi on percussion. After a few shaky gigs they soon found their feet playing a mix of bouncy punky reggae balkan disco skank honed with their daily observations of life in general and a subliminal power to the people message. A UK cross between Sublime and The Pixies. If there is gonna be a non-violent revolution, there needs to be a soundtrack.

Drums - Andy Bruce
Percussion - Abbi Phillips
Guitar / vocals - Rachele Evaroa
Vocals / trumpet / harmonica - Craig Thomas
Trombone - Dave Trainor
Accordion - Andy Speaks
Bass - Jam Sheppard

Wait So Long