Psych Pop

I am the surefooted and surely weird northern stringman Bingo Harry. Whether playing electric guitar, banjo or acoustic guitar, alone or in the band, my music is a unique and carefully crafted creation. I have been externally tutored by Neil Young, David Bowie, David Byrne, Devendra Bahnhart and Coco Rosie to mention a handful. The Incredible String Band became my brothers as soon as I heard them. and I saw the sights with Tom Waits. I do not however, live in the past. I use the influences I have gathered to nurture my own newly sprouting fresh stream sound. My music swims harmoniously between melancholic psych and appalachian folk music, and sings of Earth, the life on it and the virtues needed for beings of conscious existence.
My urge and passion to play has been harnessed by disenchantment of the world of man, and the charm of the sky and sea. I left the standard structure to squat empty buildings, meeting wonderful and troubled folk on the way, encountering the authorities and having my own struggles. Eventually I came to build a shack in South Manchester, from pallets and waste wood. The land once held host to a large house which burned down under suspicious circumstances. Friends and I transformed the derelict and dysfunctional site with our improvisational creativity. We rebuilt, painted and gave it the the energy it needed to in turn look after us. We lived there, we lit fires and ate our broth, invited friends and created our own walled off place where the power of imagination blossomed. It was there that I finally realsied my voice and my style. We have since left , forced out by the authority, but our vision and spirits fire remains true, and does live within the songs I write. We believe in fairness and love, in freedom and adventure, in far away places and friends nearby. We believe our music can say the things we dare not, and connect us with people we may never have otherwise met. I have travelled Europe as part of The Yossarians and under my own name, and met many tales and bizarre scenarios. I am excited to share what I have with new audiences and inevitable friends.

benny jones - Guitar / Lead Vocals
hannah houghton - Bass / Backing Vocals
russell woods - Electric Guitar
mickey pauline - Drums

Butterfly's Mantra