Flamboyant Jazz Punk

"Ask My Bull is a band with hypnotic and tightly wound momentum ... These Manchester masters have a unique quality to their song construction ... Having some tight pocket and funky tensions, the groove shares many aspects with drum and bass. This layering of textures really makes the duo sound full and complete." - Pat Clavel, SPREAD

"Imagine the mathematical mind of Mickey Mouse playing chess with a sledge hammer. That's Ask My Bull. Punk atittude with a nice warm shower and of course they take prisoners, that's were the real fun starts. Dressed up as corpses for your kids' Bar Mitzvah. Juggling around unconscious ears with a void brain and a spread open heart. So, if you believe there is a life after right now, don't miss the after party! Cocktail away." - Glandula Pineal, film-maker and poet

"Their music is like a journey through unknown forest. It is similar to ours in terms of power and progression, but way more flamboyant." - Eduardo, The Kingdom Lost

"Ask My Bull sounds like doodling with music instead of pen." - Elena Cau, Blonde Lips

"A joyful mix of captivating gypsy jazz guitar riffs and progressive sax lead melodies. In parts their style courts with the visceral anarchal feel of rock, with a playful dash of distortion here and there." - Joel White, M20 Collective

Fritz Linder - guitar
Alex Martin - drums
Tom Le Cocq - bass
Elliot Slater - tenor sax
Luc Phan - alto sax

Hyper Sweep