Composer , Performer, Writer, Multi Instrumentalist , Master of the silly and the serious

One of the most unique performers we have ever come across and we are honoured to call him a friend. These press quotes speak for themselves.
"...appreciable ability to not take itself too seriously... above all, incatalogabile." - Music Won't Save You, Oct 2015
"...think John Hegley meets Puck from A Midsummer's Night Dream" - The Arts Desk, August 2015
"passionate, creative, unique, thought-provoking and delightful." - Bido Lito Liverpool, 2013
"It's quite unlike anything you'll have heard before" - Tony Benjamin, Bristol Post, 2013
"...a slinky, kaleidoscopic maelstrom" - NOW THEN Manchester , 2013
"...a gloriously unhinged trawl through her Majesty's inner thoughts...Brilliant." - Gig Junkies
"...a young John Malkovich playing David Tibet playing Jake Thackray in his best stage voice." - Folly Of Youth
"...fantastic characters..."
"...alternately traits of a genius, a Shakespearean fool or an illuminated hippie". - Posthof
"DePlume's on stage persona oozes an aura of otherworldliness and quintessentially English eccentricity" - Mudkiss Fanzine
"Of course Alabaster isn't really a jabbering mental patient served up for cheap kicks so the audience can point and clap like fools from a bygone age laughing at the village idiot…though it would look pretty similar." - Silent Radio
"otherworldly ... enchanted, poetic musings" - Pop Matters

Alabaster dePlume

Hold Your Head

You're Always Somewhere

Is It Enough?