Afrobeat / Ethiojazz

11 piece Afrobeat/Ethiojazz band based in sunny Manchester.

Get ready for the vibes to blast you into the nether realm as we play/hit/toot/sing all up in your face!

Prepare to party, THEY ARE AGBEKO!

Jamie Stockbridge: Band Leader, strawberry blonde Kenny G enthusiast, Tenor Saxophone.

Illiam Quane: Resident Loon and Trumpet.

Caitlin Laing: Angsty muse fan and Baritone Sax/Flute/Alto Sax/This is getting silly now.

Dan Mitchell: Tallest known person from the Isle on Man, Trombone.

Ellen Lewis: Can make owl noises with her hands, Singer/MC and Flute.

Phil Steventon: Big beats are the best, get high all the time, Drum Kit.

Pete Mitchell: Resident bucket hat wearer and Percussion.

Matt Brown: Norwegian swimwear model, Percussion.

Alex Hill: Handsome Nigel Thornberry, Keyboard.

Al Simpson: Bass lord of the north, Bass.

James Girling: Suspected demi-god, Guitar.

Albert's Loss [The Sessions of March 2017]

Hurt Me So [The Sessions of March 2017]